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2017: Midsummer Night's Dream

William Shakespeare



How now, spirit! Wither wander you?


A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In autumn. In Greece. After a devastating crisis.

Join the Day-Old Theatre when in the middle of autumn we dare to dream of a summer night on which two young couples flee the court of Athens.

Deep in the woods they become victims of the most obnoxious bunch of people: the fairy world! 

Titania, the fairy queen, falls for…an ass. Deep feelings, every-day problems such as choosing the right beard for a wedding, a play within a play and one


Thu, 19 Oct 2017, 20:00
Fri, 20 Oct 2017, 20:00
Mon, 23 Oct 2017, 20:00
Tue, 24 Oct 2017, 20:00
Wed, 25 Oct 2017, 20:00


Tickets: 6 Euros (regular) or 4 Euros (reduced)
Available at the uni (Mon to Fri, 10 to 16 o'clock on the ground floor of teh Philosophicum) or reservations via mail at


2017: All in the Timing

A compilation of one-act plays by David Ives



This is completely absurd…
… and you’ll love it!


Come and see our new show from January 24th to January 27th 2017!

We present a collection of short plays from the spring of David Ives.

Find out whether the Tower of Babel is pronounced “babel” or “babble”, and why the exploitation of the working class seems to have proven itself the perfect way of getting things done.

Solve the big problems of mankind: What is the probability of three monkeys writing Hamlet if you only watch them long enough typing away on three typewriters?

Learn about the meaning of life and the big questions such as: Who copulates with whom and why? Is it love? Or is it merely the preservation of the species which makes us fall in love? Is it determined? Or is it sheer lust bringing us together in wild passion?
And by the way: Who killed Jeremy Fuh-Fuh-Fines?!


If these sentences couldn’t wake your interest, then maybe we can convince you with our beautiful cast, cheap beer and a hilarious night out. We are looking forward to seeing you!



What you will see:

Sure Thing


The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage


Words, Words, Words


Time Flies


Babels in Arms


All in the Timing
See the programme for our upcoming show in full colour. Own it, love it!
PDF-Dokument [979.1 KB]

2016: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia


We'll mark our 25th year anniversary by putting on a production of a play that's deemed to be one of the best science-related plays ever written. In what is maybe his masterpiece, academy-award winning author Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) invites us on a journey through time.


Arcadia tells the story of an extraordinarily gifted girl of the early nineteenth century and the hilarious sexual exploits of the tutor. It is also the story of three scholars of our time, struggling to make sense of this irretrievable past. Love, literature, sex and science are Stoppard's ingredients for an unforgettable evening that is both hilarious and heartbreaking, both theatrical and thought-provoking...




The Cast


Thomasina Coverly

Clenda Sabrina Lahr



Septimus Hodge

Volker Keuch




Johannes Kraus



Ezra Chater

Stefan Wagner



Ms. Noakes

Ann-Kathrin Hanson



Lady Croom

Corinna Schattauer



Hannah Jarvis

Valeria Blinkin



Chloe Coverly

Valentina Woronzow



Bernard Nightingale

Sebastian Yule



Valentine Coverly

Eric Hoenen



Augi Coverly / Augusta Coverly

Julia Winschewski







Directed by

Sebastian Schmitt



Assistant Directors

Julia Schrupp,

Becca Kaplan






Christoph Schelm




Sebastian Yule




Valentina Woronzow



Poster Design

Jessica Fäcks


Download the programme of ARCADIA as a PDF file
PDF-Dokument [4.9 MB]


2015: Knight Terrors Before Christmas: Gothic Tales

2015: Plays in Pubs

Our very own compilation of more or less famous one acts. Unsettling, hilarious, utterly entertaining. Coming soon to the Theatre in P1!

The Day-Old Theatre presents its 29th production since its founding in 1991.


In our pub night we will show you the following one-acts plays:


1. Sure Thing (David Ives)

2. The Philadelphia (David Ives)

3. Let Us Go Out Into the Starry Night (John Patrick Shanley)

4. Soap Opera (David Ives)

5. The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet (Tom Stoppard)



2014: Stephen Briggs' Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters

Three witches, a murdered king, a fool in love, a deranged duke with his ambitious wife, a group of actors and a baby… This can only add up to one thing: Trouble!


While trying to form a coven, the witches Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick stumble upon an ugly truth that may decide the future of the whole kingdom of Lancre. Despite Granny’s resolution not to meddle in politics, the witches defy the unpopular Duke Felmet and cause havoc wherever they go. Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess come up with a vicious plan to fight the witches with the help of theatrical propaganda and a budding romance develops between Magrat and the Duke’s Fool…


As one of UK's most popular best-selling authors, Sir Terry Pratchett is known for his Discworld novel series, a sequence of variegated, humorous and connected tales in the fantasy setting of the Discworld. To Pratchett "fantasy isn't just about wizards and silly wands. It's about seeing the world from new directions." Combining and rearranging motifs of Macbeth and Hamlet in his sixth Discworld novel Wyrd Sisters, he bows deeply before none other than Shakespeare himself. The Day-Old Theatre presents with Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters its 28th production since its founding in 1991.


Cast and Crew


Granny Weatherwax, a witch

Corinna Schattauer



Nanny Ogg, a witch

Marietta Meiser



Magrat Garlick, a witch

Clenda Sabrina Lahr



Verence, late King of Lancre

Sven Langensiepen



Leonal Felmet, Duke of Lancre

Thomas Pischek



Lady Felmet, his wife

Valeria Blinkin



Vitoller, an actor-manager

Sven Langensiepen



Mrs Vitoller, his wife

Cornelia Matthes



Fool, a fool

Sebastian Yule



Tomjon, son of Verence

Eric Hoenen



Hwel, a playwright

Sebastian Schmitt




Stefan Wagner




Uma Nimkar




Julia Schrupp




Nicole Huber,

Cornelia Matthes,

Uma Nimkar




Nicole Huber,

Cornelia Matthes,

Uma Nimkar,

Stefan Wagner,

Sebastian Yule




Eric Hoenen,

Sebastian Schmitt,

Julia Schrupp,

Stefan Wagner



Directed by

Simon Born




Jochen Ecke




Johannes Kraus




Anna Feigl,

Ruth Faßbender




Cornelia Matthes




Valeria Blinkin,

Marietta Meiser




Clenda Sabrina Lahr




Sven Langensiepen,

The Dotties




Sebastian Schmitt



Poster, Flyer, Tickets,


Thomas Pischek,

Victoria Schmitt,

Julia Schrupp




Eric Hoenen,

Corinna Schattauer



Homepage, Press

Uma Nimkar,

Felix Kaloianis




Gunnar Flurbacher

2013: William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - Or What You Will

Orsino loves Olivia. Olivia loves Cesario. Cesario loves Orsino.

But one thing after another: Shipwrecked and separated from her presumably dead twin brother Sebastian, Viola finds herself in Illyria, a place ruled by self-absorbed Orsino. She disguises as a man, calls herself Cesario, ends up as a gentleman at Duke Orsino’s court and falls in love with him. The duke’s love interest Countess Olivia mourns for her late brother and rejects any romantic offer. When the duke sends young Cesario (i.e Viola) to woo her, the countess falls in love with the handsome young gentleman and the triangle is complete.

Meanwhile the countess’s uncle, the drunkard Sir Toby Belch, and his foolish companion Sir Andrew Ague-cheek conspire with the chambermaid Maria to punish Olivia’s arrogant steward Malvolio. When the troublemakers challenge Cesario to a duel and Sebastian reappears, chaos breaks loose as events intertwine.

The Day-Old Theatre presents with William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy “Twelfth Night – Or What You Will” its 27th production since its founding in 1991.




Lady Olivia: Victoria Schmitt


Duke Orsino: Sven Langensiepen


Viola/Cesario: Nicole Huber


Sebastian: Eric Hoenen


Sir Toby Belch: Ralf Keinath


Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Thomas Pischek


Maria, gentlewoman in waiting to Lady Olivia: Marietta Meiser


Fabienne: Johanna Rauer


Malvolio, Stewart to Lady Olivia: Simon Born


Feste, the Fool: Clenda Lahr


Curio, Servant to Orsino: Stefan Wagner


Antonio: Sebastian Schmitt


Sea Captain: Sebastian Schmitt


Priest: Sina Blum


Officers: Corinna Schattauer, Stefan Wagner


Musicians: Georg Schaefer, Eric Hoenen


Directors: Victoria and Sebastian Schmitt


Music written by Clenda Lahr


Lighting: Ingo Rohrbacher, Vee Kay, Julia Schrupp


Make Up Artists: Elisabeth Goergen, Anna Feigl, Cornelia Matthes, Ruth Faßbender


Costumes: Victoria Schmitt, Marietta Meiser, Ruth Faßbender, Veronika


Stage Design and Construction: Sina Blum, Thomas Pischek, Veronika Depnering, Ruth Faßbender, Cornelia Matthes


Posterdesign: Sven Langensiepen, Thomas Pischek



Catering: Cornelia Matthes


Director of Finance: Simon Born


General Management Support: Ralf Keinath, Thomas Pischek, Nicole Huber,

                                             Ruth Faßbender

2012: Mark Ravenhill's Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat

Live without war? No human being’s ever done that. Never will. It’s what makes us human.” The headless soldier in War and Peace remarks and goes on to add a darkly cynical prophecy: „You know what was wrong with wars before? They ended. But this war on terror goes on and on and on and on…“
Terror and the war that is fought against it, its effects on all levels. Ravenhill’s epic cycle of short plays Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat is a critical and highly unconventional reflection on this topical theme. It also is a brilliant display of Ravenhill’s talents: Blatant and glaring, subtle and soft, grotesquely comic and yet depressingly real Shoot/Get Treasure Repeat impressively makes clear why Ravenhill belongs to the most popular and influential current British playwrights.
The Day-Old Theatre, JoGus oldest theatre group and the only one staging in English, shows 9 of the originally 19 episodes. They are held together not only by their mutual theme – the war on terror- but also by an abundance of leitmotifs, recurring symbols, mirrorings and doppelgangers: From broken wings to the “holy” consumer and cultural goods of the well- to- do and last but not least to the ever present mantra-like call “Freedom! Democracy! History!” that far to often becomes an empty phrase or a mask for intolerance. Fear of terror and the loss of cultural identity results in the demand for more security and safe communities. It thus ironically creates more fear, paranoia, aggression – of too much control and the loss of individuality, against arrogance and injustice.
The Day-Old Theatre roaringly brings to life Ravenhill’s strange types, abstract constructions and seemingly normal guys on 16, 17, 19 and 20 January at 8pm in the lecture hall P1, Jakob Welder Weg 18, Johannes Gutenberg- University, Mainz. Tickets 6€ (reduced 4€) available from our ticket box in the Philosophicum (first floor). You can also book in advance, just write an e-mail or leave an entry on this website. Don’t miss out!


Women of Troy
Sarah Vetsch, Nicole Huber, Veronika Depnering, Lidka Placzek, Clenda Lahr
Suicide Bomber: Thomas Warmuth
Angel Soldier: Ralf Keinath
Shadow: Thomas Pischek

Helen: Sarah Vetsch
Shadow: Thomas Pischek

Reader: Mark Berninger

War and Peace
Headless Soldier: Ralf Keinath
Alex: Simon Born
Shadows: Lidia Placzek, Stefan Wagner

Yesterday an Incident Occurred
Nicole Huber, Clenda Lahr, Johanna Dupre´, Eric Hoenen, Simon Born, Thomas Warmuth, Ralf Keinath
Assistant Director
: Veronika Depnering
Camera Guys: Sarah Vetsch, Veronika Depnering, Stefan Wagner
Rotten Egg: Thomas Pischek
Guard: Lidia Placzek

War of the Worlds
Stefan Wagner, Ralf Keinath, Eric Hoenen, Veronika Depnering, Nicole Huber, Clenda Lahr
Man: Simon Born

Reader: Mark Berninger

Crime and Punishment
Woman: Veronika Depnering
Soldier: Thomas Pischek

The Mother
Haley: Nicole Huber
Female Soldier: Johanna Dupre´
Male Soldier: Eric Hoenen
Shadows: Ralf Keinath, Sarah Vetsch

Reader: Mark Berninger
Writer: Thomas Warmuth

Paradise Los
Liz: Clenda Lahr
Maria: Lidka Placzek
Gary: Simon Born
Brian: Stefan Wagner

Reader: Mark Berninger

Soldiers:Lidka Placzek, Johanna Dupre´, Veronika Depnering, Ralf Keinath, Thomas Pischek
Dictator: Stefan Wagner
Boy: Eric Hoenen
Singer: Clenda Lahr
Piano Player: Sarah Vetsch
Guard: Thomas Warmuth

Music Team Clenda Lahr, Vee Kay

Sound Vee Kay

Recordings Florian Küppers

Lighting Jochen Ecke, Lucas Kraus, Klaus Schwärzel

Filming Jochen Ecke

Photography Klaus Schwärzel

Catering Lidka Placzek


Roadie Andreas Faßbender

General Management Support Stefan Wagner, Thomas Pischek, Ralf Keinath

Make Up Artist Sarah Vetsch, Janine Drews, Cornelia Matthes, Inessa Schall, Mimi

Poster Roya Mobasheri, Thomas Pischek

Programme Kevin Levke

Literary Assistant Simon Born

PR Team Johanna Dupre´, Ralf Keinath, Simon Born, Thomas Warmuth, Ruth Faßbender

Costumes Nicole Huber, Ruth Faßbender


Stage Design Veronika Depnering, Stefan Wagner, Ruth Faßbender

Props Veronika Depnering

Occasional but Professional Actors Coach Ingo Rohrbacher

Speech Coach Sarah Vetsch

Director of Finance Simon Born

Director Ruth Faßbender

2011: Merry Christmas! A reading with music ...and other stuff





2011: Robert N. Sandberg's Jarpteetza: The Firebird

Once upon a time the evil sorcerer Kashei held all of Russia under his destructive spell, spreading hunger and suffering among the people. The only thing he did not possess was the ability to feel and to love. One day, he abducts Vasilisa, a fair and cheerful maiden, to learn about the power of love. But Vasilisa's friends - her lover Prince Ivan, her sister Maria the Skillful, the timid clown Skomorokh, and Ilya the Strongman - immediately set out to rescue her, defeat Kashei, and free the land from Kashei's terrible yoke. They do not know that they will have to overcome vicious demons, a wicked robber, and the powerful witch Baba-Yaga to reach Kashei's palace and face their most difficult challenge: Kashei's immortality.

The Day-Old Theater celebrates its 20th anniversary with the German premiere of Jarpteetza: The Firebird by Robert N. Sandberg, American playwright and lecturer at Princeton. The dramatic steam punk fairytale for adults and adolescents combines ten traditional Russian characters with comic and tragic elements to a thrilling performance and fantastic evening.

Prince Ivan - Eric Hoenen
Vasilisa / The Firebird - Sabrina Rohowski
Maria - Clenda Lahr
Kashei - Armin Hoenen
Skomorokh - Sebastian Schmitt
Solovei / Mourner 2 - Victoria Schmitt
Ilya Muromyetz - Thorben Galinski
Baba-Yaga - Nicole Huber
Leshii / Mourner 5 - Stefan Wagner
Vadyanaya / Mourner 3 - Marietta Meiser
Mourner 1 - Ralf Keinath
Mourner 4 - Marjam Mahmoodzada

Directed by Thomas Pischek

Lighting - Daniel Dawla
Sound - Marius Roßbach
Make-Up - Sarah Vetsch, Monika Galinski, Ruth Faßbender
Costumes - Staatstheater Mainz

Music - Clenda Lahr and Eric Hoenen
Choreography - Nicole Huber, Clenda Lahr, Ruth Faßbender

Stage Design - Clenda Lahr, Eric Hoenen, Thorben Galinski and Pascal Stark
Poster/Flyer - Thomas Pischek
Fotos: Klaus Schwärzel, Sebastian Schmitt
PR - Sabrina Rohowski
Produced by Stefanie Bauer

2009: William Shakespeare's The Tempest

The sea! Whirls of wind and shattering waves mingle with the cries of King Alonso and his entourage. Splintering wood and everybody is cast overboard.

The Tempest is unleashed! It has been conjured up by Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan and a sorcerer, to avenge the treachery of his murderous brother Antonio, in league with the King. Put to sea to die a long time ago, Prospero and his infant daughter Miranda were cast ashore a mysterious island inhabited by magical creatures, sprites and monsters. There, Prospero got to rule over the spirit Ariel, eager to carry out his bidding, and the ugly and hateful creature Caliban, ever plotting to get rid of his master.

When King Alonso and his entourage are washed ashore and strewn over this very isle, they set out into the unknown, some hoping to find their companions, others hoping not to, scattered but united in the web of Prospero's revenge. Fate provides everyone with delightful as well as fearful new acquaintances. Love surprises beautiful Miranda in the shape of Alonso's son Ferdinand.

Will their love withstand the sins of their fathers?
Will Prospero requite the wrongs he was forced to suffer?

With his last play, Shakespeare created a tale of love and hatred, on the brink between comedy and tragedy. The Tempest explores the lengths and depths of freedom, friendship, repentance, forgiveness and the nature of storytelling and constructing a play.

Duke Prospero of Milan- Florian Küppers
Miranda, Prospero's Daughter - Ruth Faßbender
Ariel - Lisa Broscheit
Caliban - Ralf Keinath
King Alonso - Stephan Wagner
Prince Ferdinand - Daniel Dawla
Stephano, The Drunken Butler - Sarah Vetsch
Trinculo, The Jester - Felix Kaloianis
Lord Antonio - Mark Berninger
Lord Sebastian- Armin Hoehnen
Master of the Ship/ Lady Adriana - Nicole Huber
Lady Gonzala - Clenda Lahr
Boatswain - Simon Born
Spirits - Matthias Zeltner, Sabrina Rohowski, Kristina Maimer

Directed by Stephan Broscheit

Lighting - Christoph Schelm
Sound - Caroline Stöss
Make-Up - Lisa Broscheit, Ruth Faßbender, Sarah Vetsch
Costumes - Staatstheater Mainz and all of us - SEWING!

Music - Stefan Broscheit, Julia Schuhmacher, Lisa Broscheit
Fotos: Heinz Wagner

Choreography - Ruth Faßbender
Stage Design - Stephan Broscheit
PR - Lisa Broscheit, Ruth Faßbender, Julia Schuhmacher
Produced by Stefanie Bauer

2008: Keith Aisner's Asylum

Gary's drug of choice is an addiction to lucid dreaming.Through careful study he has taught himself to control his dreams, wether this means living out erotic fantasies or talking philosophy with God and Satan. But Gary's mentally ill mother and other unexpected guests insist on crashing this pseudo-reality, as his waking and dreaming worlds intertwine.
Though he has been involved with the theatre for the past few years as an actor, Asylum, published in 2006, is the first play by the yet relatively unknown playwright Keith Aisner. Due to its hilarious dialogues and unexpected twists and changes, Asylum has the potential to amuse and astonish theatregoers of all ages. It combines action and philosophy,comedy and drama.It is a must-see for anyone who wants to dig deeper into man's soul,including all the desires, hopes and fears in us that we never intend to set free.
By presenting a German premiere the Day Old Theater strikes a new path in its' playography.

Funny, contemplative and thought-provoking!

Gary - Ralf Keinath
Angela/Woman/Dancer - Ruth Faßbender
Gary's mother - Lisa Broscheit
Gary's friend Davis - Felix Kaloianis
Gary's brother Frank/Fear - Sven Langensiepen
God/Dr. Capote - Stephan Broscheit
Satan - Thomas Pischek

Directed by Daniel Dawla

Lighting - Daniel Stein
Sound - Daniel Dawla
Make-Up - Lisa Broscheit and Ruth Faßbender
Costumes - From our humble very own wardrobes and the cheapest shops in town

Stage Design - Daniel Dawla
Poster/Flyer - Sven Langensiepen and Thomas Pischek
Produced by Stefanie Bauer

2008: Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest

Algernon Moncrieff, an aristocratic young Londoner, has invented an invalid friend in the country called "Bunbury". Whenever Algernon wants to avoid tedious social obligations, he pretends to have to pay a visit to his poor, sick friend. One day Algernon finds out that he is not the only one employing this scheme of "Bunburying", as he calls it. His friend in real life, Ernest Worthing, leads a double life as well. At his home in the country, Earnest is known as Jack. To escape country life, Jack has invented a brother in London, black sheep to the family, by the name of Earnest...

Oscar Wilde's best known play Bunbury or The Importance of Being Earnest was first performed on February 14th, 1895, at the St. James Theatre in London. It is a classical comedy of manners, set in England during the late Victorian era.

John Worthing - Daniel Dawla
Algernon Moncrieff - Martin Schupp
Gwendolin Fairfax - Eva Besteck
Cecily Cardew - Yaliz Akbaba
Lady Bracknell - Kathrin Scheufler
Miss Prism - Dagmar Noll
Dr. Chasuble - Mark Berninger
Lane/Merriman- Mark Berninger

Directed by Christine Stahl

Lighting - Sabine Froesa
Sound - Christine Stahl
Costumes - Mrs Wölfel and Martin Schupp
PR - Martin Schupp, Dagmar Noll

Fotos - Heiko Stahl
Poster/Flyer - Carola Hopp

Catering - Sabine Froesa
Produced by Stefanie Bauer


2008: Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston's Dracula

Lucy Seward, daughter of Doctor Seward, psychiatrist in a mental institution near London, is mysteriously anaemic. Alarmed by her state of health, Doctor Seward sends for Professor Abraham van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases. Van Helsing immediately suspects a vampire, an ugly soul, grave-bound by day, that roams the earth by night and sustains its earthly life by sucking blood from its victims. Together with Lucy's father, Doctor Seward, and Lucy's fiancé, Jonathan Harker, van Helsing is determined to destroy the evil creature and to save Lucy's soul. But the power they fight against goes beyond their imagination...

Dracula has been described by critics as a play for people who like their coffee strong! It is a thriller that, speaking literally, has raised the hair on millions of scalps since the date of its original production in England, where it has been playing ever since, to say nothing of the long run it has enjoyed in the United States.
The play is based on Bram Stoker's famous novel of the same name, which has been read by generations of booklovers. Since its publication more than 110 years ago, it has seen countless editions and has become one of the most popular gothic novels.

Count Dracula - Carolin Haas
Abraham Van Helsing - Sven Langensiepen
Lucy Seward - Lisa Broscheit
Doctor Seward - Felix Kaloianis
Jonathan Harker - Stephan Broscheit
Housemaid - Caroline Stöss
Butterworth - Thomas Pischek
Renfield - Ralf Keinath

Directed by Daniel Dawla

Lighting - Dagmar Noll
Sounds - Stefanie Bauer
Costumes/Make-Up/PR - Lisa Pfiester
Stage Design - Daniel Dawla

Poster/Flyer - Thomas Pischek and Sven Langensiepen
Dogs howling - Dana and Gino
Produced by Stefanie Bauer and Caroline Stöss

2007: Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Two people on an almost empty stage.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are lost.

They don't know where they are or how they got there. Memory comes back slowly. Yes – there was a soldier, summoning them to see the King of Denmark. But why? Where do they find him? And what will happen should they ever arrive? As the play unfolds, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are fed pieces of information about their task without ever being able to understand the whole picture – let alone influence the chain of events.

The core of Tom Stoppard's play is the story of William Shakespeare's Hamlet – only inside out, because Tom Stoppard tells the Hamlet story through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Whenever a scene from the original Hamlet comes up Rosencrantz and Guildenstern work
 like clockworks. They know their lines and deliver them on cue. Finally they have to accept the fact that all they can do is go along with the action up until the bitter ending.

But when the lights go out, one question remains: Is that really the end?


Rosencrantz - Yaliz Akbaba
Guildenstern - Eva Besteck
Player - Stefanie Bauer
Alfred/Polonius/Spy/Soldier - Thomas Pischek
Tragedian/Claudius - Ralf Keinath
Tragedian/Gertrude - Caro Haas
Tragedian/Spy/Ophelia - Svenja Schnall
Hamlet - Volker Keuch

Directed by Dagmar Noll

Lighting - Kathrin Scheuffler
Sound - Christine Stahl
Costumes - Laura Diehl
Make-up - Lisa Pfiester

PR - Markus Fadl
Fotos - Holger Stumpf

Poster/Flyer - Michael Wolff
Produced by Stefanie Bauer


2006: Mary Chase's Harvey

Are You afraid of rabbits?

No, not the small hippety-hop ones. The ones six feet tall, wearing hats and talking to people. One of this species happens to be the best friend of Elwood P. Dowd. Elwood is a charming and well-mannered man walking on the sunny side of the street. With Harvey at his side Elwood causes a lot of bewilderment - for Harvey is invisible. With Elwood's sister Veta, the bewilderment borders on aggravation since she is preoccupied with her daughter Myrtle's debut in society. When Elwood introduces his invisible friend to guests at one of her social gatherings, Veta feels she has had enough.

She decides to dispose of the fairy creature before it ruins her nerves, or her daughter's chances. Veta delivers Elwood at the local sanitarium called 'Chumley's Rest'. Her scheme fails, however, as she is the one diagnosed to be on the verge of lunacy. Elwood, meanwhile, walks out of the sanitarium unhindered. The confusion reaches its climax when the mistake is revealed and all the psychiatric staff set out on a quest for Elwood and his invisible friend.

One of the longest running Broadway and West-End comedies ever, Harvey was later adapted for the cinema in a production featuring James Stewart. The relationship of the amiable Elwood P. Dowd and his best friend, Harvey, the Pooka has delighted many generations.

The Day Old Theater's approach leans toward the bizarre, wicked and almost cartoonish. The main influence the production draws upon is the work of widely known director Tim Burton. is The misfit, one of Burton's favourite themes, can also be found in Harvey. Elwood is driven to the edge of society because he accepts his imagiation as a part of his reality. This original way of interpreting Mary Chase's play is certain to provide an unforgettable experience to friends of visionary theatre, weirdness and rabbits alike.

Myrtle Mae Simmons - Svenja Schnall
Veta Simmons - Sofia Mindel
Elwood P. Dowd - Volker Keuch
Harvey - Himself
Mrs Ethel Chauvenet - Sarah Vetsch
Miss Johnson - Fiene Wolf
Miss Ruth Kelly - Lisa Pfiester
Mr Duane Wilson - Maja Lethen
Dr Lyman Sanderson - Daniel Dawla
Dr William R. Chumley - Markus von Pilgrim
Mrs Betty Chumley - Therese Wessoly
Judge Rita Gaffney - Carolin Haas
Pookas - Mareike Borowski, Britta Finkelmeier, Céline Georgi, Ralf Keinath, Nadia Quaranta, Caroline Stöss

Directed by Laura K. Diehl

Lighting - Kathrin Scheufler
Sound - Dagmar Noll
Costumes & Make-up - Sarah Weber and Lisa Pfiester
Poster Design - Anja Sädler

Paintings - Michael Pfiester
The Dog - Dan


2006:Harold Pinter's Ashes to Ashes

"Are you prepared to drown in your own gravy...?!"

Welcome to the latest creation of the theatre world's best-known puzzle designer, Harold Pinter! With Ashes to Ashes the most-read English dramatist after Shakespeare has produced one of his most moving works. What, at first glance, seems like a married couple's living-room conversation soon turns out to be more than just the account of a marriage in crisis.

In Pinter's gripping stage play nothing can be taken for granted. From its opening lines the language of the work resounds of violence. But who are the two characters on stage? Is this a married couple exploring their sexual problems or a conversation between psychiatrist and patient? Does Devlin really know nothing of Rebecca's past? What do a tour guide, a travel agent, a factory manager, and a man ripping babies from their mother's arms have in common? What is it Rebecca remembers? She is too young to have been involved in the
Holocaust, or is she? What is her role in the violence she describes? Who was Rebecca's mysterious lover? Does a pen have any parents and can it be guilty?

So many questions and such a surprising ending...

Devlin - Martin Schupp
Rebecca - Kathrin Scheufler

Directed by Mark Berninger

Once upon a time the Day Old Theater also staged....

2005: Harold Pinter's Old Times
2004: Caryl Churchill's Top Girls
2003: David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr.'s The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth. A Comedy
2002: Arthur Miller's The Crucible
2001: Ira Levin's Deathtrap
2001: Harold Pinter's Ashes to Ashes
2000: Shelagh Stephenson's An Experiment with an Air Pump
1999: Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam!
1998: Craig Lucas' Blue Window
1997: Brian Friel's Lovers
1996: Sarah Daniels' Beside Herself
1996: The Day-Old Theater's Beside Themselves
1995: Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart
1994: Cocoa Entropy = Stanley Taikeff's Ah, Eurydice + Tom Stoppard's A Separate Peace + James Saunders' A Slight Accident
1993: Sam Shepard's A Lie of the Mind
1992: Tennessee Williams' Talk To Me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen
1992: Edward Albee's An American Dream